Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving and Shaking

So I have been doing a lot of volunteer work at the DAAC. I am on the VAC (visual arts committee) and I think it's going really well. We had our first show, though I didn't put any work in, I helped curate. We had 35 Artists and 47 pieces total. The opening night was pretty awesome. We had 168 people attend! Jaime and I put together some food for it. We were up till four the night before taking care of stuff. I made my signature chai that a lot of people loved (it was even called a beveragegasim at one point in the night).
The next show I do intend on having a piece in. The show is called "Trimmings" it's all about art related to facial hair. I am thinking about making a mustache out of briers that I will have soaked so I can shape them a little better and then maybe mounted on a board.
Also we are heading up the Sunday Soup in Grand Rapids. If you dont know what sunday soup is you should.

Go there, find out, and get involved. We are featuring 3 different soups on the menu next sunday and I am very very excited for it all.
 I am doing a lot alongside thesis (which I will have updates for in due time) as well as some screenprinting work. I am trying to make things happen in my life and I think they are all starting to roll together pretty nicely, if I could only find some source of income for the next few months I would be set. But this is Michigan and shit is bleak. 

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